Protecting Loved Ones

Protecting our families and loved ones is our absolute focus, now more than ever.

We’ve certainly entered unchartered territories in the last few months and there’s no doubt it continues to affect every single one of us. But have you considered your financial protection and that of your family?

It’s only natural to want to do all you can to protect your family, especially at a time like this when the government have changed the rules, encouraging us to self-isolate, distance ourselves from our loved ones, in order to protect them.

Here at Rockstone we appreciate the importance of protecting family, after all, we’ve got families too.  As a team of local and trusted financial advisers we work tirelessly to offer local families the reassurance they crave.  By reviewing their individual situation and the most advanced products, from reputable insurers, we can recommend appropriate policies, so they know they’ve got the right cover.

Critical Illness Cover

Did you know 50% of UK will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime?*

None of us wants to think about it, but serious illnesses do occur, making it even harder to provide for the family, so wouldn’t you want to be prepared just in case?  You might think you’re covered by your employer, but most only provide minimum sick pay and for many that’s just not enough to keep up with regular monthly and household bills.

Critical Illness Cover can give reassurance.   Providing a lump sum payment to your family in the event of serious illness such as; cancer, parkinson’s, heart attacks, strokes etc.  A lump sum that could make all the difference when you’re worried about how to cover mortgage repayments.

Income Protection

It can cost £910 per month to raise a child up to the age of 21?**

If the unexpected occurs and you become ill or incapacitated and can no longer work, Income Protection can provide that much-needed substitute income.

Depending on your individual policy, it can cover a plethora of health issues, providing for your family should you be unable to work for a period of time.

Indeed, we’re currently seeing many pre-existing policy holders claiming because they are unable to work due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19.  If we ever needed proof that the unexpected can occur, now is it!

Life Insurance

Did you know 20% of men die before they reach retirement age?***

Again, not something you want to think about, but if something does happen to you, regardless of whether you’re male or female, how will your family be supported? Will they be able to keep their home? How will they cover the monthly bills?  In the event of your death, the right Life insurance policy will support those closest to you.

A big help at a difficult time is that with a Life Insurance policy you can either arrange for your family to receive regular payments to help cover monthly bills or a one-off lump sum to pay off larger debt like a mortgage?

There are a few to consider though; a whole life policy will pay out regardless of the age you die, whereas a term-life policy only pays out during the term of the policy. Check your employee contract too, some employers offer a “death in service policy” which provides alternative cover.

By chatting with one of our financial advisers we can ascertain which policy suits you best.

Building Insurance

Did you know the average UK home has contents worth over £35k? ****

Accidents do happen, whether it’s paint splattered carpet or a leaky washing machine, but when it’s in the home the cost of putting it right can quickly mount up. Buildings Insurance will cover you if structural damage occurs for example; due to fire or subsidence. Whilst Contents Insurance will cover your prized possessions.

For advice or further information don’t hesitate to get in touch, call 0345 415 4116 or email – our experienced local financial advisers are here to help.