It’s business as usual

We caught up with Financial Adviser and Director of Rockstone Mortgage & Financial Advice Guy Layman, to find out why the recent change from Moneysprite Forest & Coastal to Rockstone and what it means for their clients.

Q:  What does the rebrand mean for existing clients?
A:   Becoming Rockstone has given us the opportunity to review our internal processes, systems and software so that we can offer clients a better mortgage and financial advice solution.  It enhances our overall proposition.

Q:  What’s changed?
A: Our team remains largely unchanged, albeit with a couple of new faces.  We have chosen to be part of a financial advice network – The Intrinsic Group.  Intrinsic is one of the leading financial advice networks with over 3000 members.  Intrinsic itself is part of Quilter Pls (formally Old Mutual) and the size and scale of the Network means our membership offers a number of client benefits.

Q:  Why now?
A:  We had a successful 8 years or so under the Moneysprite brand but have a real desire to continue to grow, with our clients in mind.  After months of planning and consultation, I feel our overall client proposition will be enhanced moving forward.  Mortgage and Protection Advice has always been our core business and we want to continue to develop in this area.  We also want to ensure that we have an attractive wealth management service encompassing Investment and Pension advice.  The start of 2019 seemed the perfect time!

Q:  What do existing clients gain from the rebrand?
A:  I hope our clients have already become used to first class service so in many ways it’s “business as usual” without disruption.  I think clients will gain with our ability to assess, understand and advise on a wider range of products and solutions.

Q:  Is your client data secure?
A: We have always taken this issue very seriously and will continue to look after our client’s data in line with our Data Protection Policy.  To further enhance our commitment to data security we have invested in new software.  We can also now be far more specific around client communication – setting up servicing appointments and also only getting in touch when we feel its relevant.

Q:  Is there any change in the team?
A: Not only have we expanded and taken on a second office in Southampton, but we also have a couple of new members of staff – Samia, a Mortgage & Protection Adviser and Harry who will help from an administrative perspective.  As advisers we want to be sitting in front of clients, so an expanding admin team will mean a constant point of contact during the application phase. 

Q:  What does the future look like for Rockstone?
A:  Simply put … more of the same, but better.  We want to continue to grow, with our clients best interests as our main focus whilst still offering the same personalised service we always have.


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